EuroAuto: Lithium-ion: Here At Last?

It has been a long time coming, and it looks like there is a whole lot of energy behind bringing the battery technology to the automotive market.

Marginal: The Power of Focus

For years, whenever a new Honda Accord was launched, the reviews in the automobile consumer press (a.k.a., "buff books") tended to be remarkably laudatory in all respects but one.

Close Up: X-Rite xDNA System

You could look at it this way:xDNA is a method for summarizing multiangle spectral data into a two- or three-dimensional spectral representation.

Insight: The Plastics Dilemma

On the one hand, plastics are ideally suited for light-weight requirements. But on the other, components manufacturers are going out of business.

Dudder: Not This Time

Someone told me recently that Bob Lutz reads my column.

Insider: The Eye of the Beholder

A ton of buzz has been generated by the Chevrolet Volt and its progress toward commercialization.

Competitive Challenges: The Federal Government's Role in Today's Auto Crisis

Recently, there has been a great deal of discussion about U.S. government support to the ailing auto industry.

Profiles: Aram Kasparian: Simplicity and Boldness

While his life had a tumultuous start, fleeing Beirut, Lebanon, during the country's civil war, Ford design manager Aram Kasparian has sage advice for designers in these uncertain times.

Objects of Interest

Objects of Interest: October 2008

Cartesian Motion SystemBosch Rexroth's( camoLINE Cartesian Motion System utilizes a building-block style modular design for maximum flexibility for material handling, pick-and-place, palletizing and inspection applications.


Nissan Gives More Detail on Titan Plan

The clock has officially begun ticking as Chrysler and Nissan begin work on the details surrounding the plans to modify the Dodge Ram architecture to accommodate Nissan’s next-generation Titan.

Autoliv Cuts Airbag Weight By 30%

Autoliv’s latest airbag module, debuting in the ’09 Chevrolet Traverse, Saturn Outlook, Buick Enclave and GMC Acadia, replaces rigid housings made from steel or plastic with a flexible textile material, cutting overall weight by 30% compared by the previous version.

How To See, Think & Tell

Chances are, you’ve had some really great ideas that you’ve created on whatever was the proverbial back of the napkin (odd phrase that: how many napkins have fronts?). Later, said ideas were transferred into other forms.

Emerging Market Interns

The 2008 edition of GM Design’s Summer Internship Program concen-trated its energies on vehicles for the Russian, Indian, and Chinese markets of 2020.

Nissan Design Takes on Architecture

When is a building like a car?

Big Small Development

While you may not have to solder nanowires to nanoelectrodes—yet—know that there has been a development that goes beyond the process that has heretofore been the methods which were pretty much performed one at a time, which is rather tedious for creating electronic sensor arrays.The new process: electroplating.

Gilles Rocks to the Top of Chrysler Design

Ralph Gilles, the design rock star who earned his chops with the Chrysler 300, is now heading the band of designers in Auburn Hills, as he has been named vice president-Design.

The Aero Counterintuitive Flex

You might think that the Ford Flex is approximately as aerodynamic as a porcelain brick (the ceramic representing the overall smoothness of the sheet metal as compared with the straight-up rough-surfaced clay that we're familiar with). However, according to Wayne Koester, Ford aerodynamic development engineer, the coefficient of drag of the Flex is 0.355, while that of its competitors in the full-size crossover segment (e.g., GMC Acadia; Toyota Highlander) have significantly more drag: 0.375.


Recreating The Human Eye

Although the title of the research project sounds like frightening science fiction ('Reverse Engineering the Human Brain'), it could lead to some phenomenal vision systems for industrial and automotive applications.

Acura Advances: Introducing The 2009 TL

Acura has been doing more than putting a new signature front grille on its models. It has been developing new versions of its vehicles. Completing the set-for now-is the 2009 TL.

Field Guide: IBM Corp.

There's not a single bit of information technology, nor industry, nor industry need, nor business process untouched by the largest IT vendor in the world: IBM.

GM'S LS9 V8: Life Under Pressure

Sam Weingarden, executive director, GM Powertrain Engineering, says his goal with the LS9 motor was "to make Corvette chief engineer Tadge Juechter's life miserable by giving him more power than the chassis could handle." Doing so was not going to be easy as pulling more power from the small block V8 would demand forced induction, a potential packaging problem given the Corvette's tight underhood area.

Honda's Fit is Trim

Though slightly larger, roomier, and more powerful than before, the 2009 Fit combines sportiness and refinement in a package with global reach.

2009 Cadillac CTS-V: Fast Car, Fast Program

"The big advantage this time around," explains Chris Berube, lead development engineer for the Cadillac CTS-V, the performance version of the Cadillac sedan "was that the V model was planned from the start, and the all of our requirements were baked into the base car." Consequently, the program was faster and the engineers were able to add content.

The '09 Dodge Ram: A Better Truck For Tough Times

Pickup trucks accounted for more than 55% of the U.S. market in 2004, now they account for less than 45%. And Chrysler is going straight into that market with its all-new, full-size Ram.