Designing a Better Business

Here's a look at some flowchart, simulation, and workflow tools that can help managers develop improved workflow processes.

Direct to Dell: I Hunt For Michael's Supply Chain Secrets

Give a bitter ex-computer geek a plane ticket to Austin and a Visa purchasing card and he might just blow the cover of the poster child for supply chain management. Then again, he just might blow it altogether...

DCX Goes Flex

Here's a look at some of the approaches that DaimlerChrysler is using to provide the means by which to launch products more rapidly. The fundamental is flexibility. Flexibility not only means having adaptable equipment but also standardizing on the way things are done.


Help Us Out Here

Maybe it's a case of being too sensitive.

Surfacing Quality at GE

The surprise box office hit of the early summer 2000 movie season was U-571.

Automotive Competitive Intelligence 101: A Beginner's Guide

The phrase "competitive intelligence" refers to the monitoring of a competitor's products and market activities through the use of an intelligence gathering process.

Lean vs. Information Systems

Manufacturers are torn between two "opposing" camps.

NPE & New Machinery

When the National Plastics Exposition rolls into Chicago, equipment manufacturers come up with some new or better ways to process plastics. Here's a look at what some of the builders exhibited.