May 2012



Steel: Reduces Noise. And Mass. And Cost.

Although the material from Material Sciences Corp. is named for one of its properties, what it can deliver goes well beyond its quiet characteristic.

Interiors: Battle of the Bulk

By rethinking designs and working toward more efficient solutions, seats will be major contributors to vehicle downsizing and lightweighting.

Autodesk Puts PLM in the Cloud

This PLM product has all the advantages of next-generation, cloud-based technology. It’s also quick, easy, inexpensive.

Acura: Getting Back to Engineering

Although it was the first Japanese luxury brand in the U.S. market, Acura has not gained the sort of traction that a first-mover might achieve. So with the ILX and new RDX it is working to improve its momentum.

Improving Powertrains— Conventional and Advanced

Schaeffler Group makes products ranging from bearings to differentials. Here’s a look at some of its recent developments.

Reducing Mass and Cutting Costs with Steel

For the past few years, it seems like steel has become the dominant material of choice for automotive applications.Sure, there are exceptions to this.


The Uneven State of the Truck Equipment Market

The automotive industry looms large in Michigan, but it is not the only vehicular game in town.

On Mfg

Inserts for improved turning; thread tapping tools; interference-free five-axis machining.

On Electronics

Intel Inside Your DashIn anticipation of the exploding growth of Internet content and mobile devices in motor vehicles that’s expected to continue to expand, Intel ( is putting its money where its market data is by establishing a $100-million Connected Car Fund.

The Green Guide

A look at how some suppliers are developing sustainable products and technology to meet the needs of OEMs, consumers, and the environment.


3D printing; optical measuring and data acquisition sensor; free interactive CAD plug-in tool; cast urethane molding; 3D/2D software.

Politics, Production & Petroleum

Rising demand means rising prices at the pump. Ipso facto.


Bentley Interiors with Tech Specifications

Inside the Bentley Mulsanne.

Material for an Audi Interior Component

Center console made with a resin from Styron Automotive for the Audi Q3.

Safety, Sensors & Seats

Alan Taub, shortly before his recent retirement from his post as vice president of General Motors Global R&D, said that when it comes to vehicle-related safety, the last 50 years have pretty much been spent focusing on protecting the occupants of the vehicle and, more recently, pedestrians.

Clean Foam Composites

Málama’s foams are made with polyols that are derived from domestically grown plant oils like soy and castor.

Making a Knobless Center Console Controller

An innovative concept for vehicle interiors that replaces buttons, switches and knobs in the center console with a smooth injection molded surface has been developed and processed by Magna Exterior & Interior Systems and ENGEL.

IQMS Develops Hardware Solution

Long known for its ERP software, IQMS ( has decided that beyond providing its EnterpriseIQ software that it would be a good idea to provide some hardware specifically tailored to provide shop floor functionality, so it set about to develop the RTStation, a touch-screen device that is designed and engineered for at-machine use.Specifically, the RTStation displays machine information ranging from part counts and cycle speeds to downtime and job setup information via alphanumerics, images, and graphs.