Designing Better Buses

Here's why a German bus manufacturer is implementing computer-aided engineering (CAE) capabilities in its product development cycle.

Automotive Applications of Discrete Event Simulation

The automotive industry has used discrete event simulation for many years to investigate the capabilities of the different manufacturing systems involved in building automobiles. Here we will look at the use of simulation in body shops, paint shops, trim/chassis/final, engine assembly, machining and stamping.

Charged Up! What's Behind GM's Electric Vehicle Strategy

It has gone to market with a purpose-built car, the EV1, and a factory-built truck, the S-10 Electric. What's GM up to? We asked the man who is heading up the corporation's Advanced Technology Vehicles operation.

The Long View on Lasers

The people at Utilase have been involved with industrial lasers—both as a user and as a systems integrator—for more than 10 years. They're still at the leading edge of developments that may result in big changes for the auto industry.

Laser Processing Meets Induction Heating

Separately, lasers and induction heating equipment can do a good job on some components. But researchers at a German R&D institute in Dresden have discovered a way to combine the two with great benefit for hardening, cladding and welding. And the process is on its way to the U.S.