What's New In Automotive Supply Chains?

Although technology is an enabler, better business practices are resulting in better supply chains these days. Here's a look.

Steeling Plastics

Having conquered interiors and trim parts, plastics are now making inroads into automotive structural components with the help of an unlikely ally–steel.

Lotus' Versatile Venture

Versatile Vehicle Architecture is Lotus Engineering’s attempt to take platform sharing to the next level and allow automakers to make unique vehicles with high commonality and lower investment. If it succeeds, there could be a lot more funky low-volume vehicles in the marketplace.

Creative Expressions

Kip Wasenko's career moved him from Europe and Australia to Saturn, placed him at the leading edge of one of GM's most controversial design programs, and finds him in charge of its specialty and high-performance designs.

Chrysler Group's Approaches to Advanced Manufacturing Engineering

They're aggressive in their development of greater flexibility. They're working their capital equipment harder and longer. And they're counting on technology advances to make vehicle manufacturing even better.

Dealing With Rollovers: Deploying Technology to Mitigate the Potential

Sensors, controls, chassis adjustments, and other means and methods can help prevent a leading cause of fatalities on the roads today: rollovers. Here's a look.

Future Tool

Created at the University of Michigan with funding from the National Science Foundation, the Reconfigurable Machine Tool was designed for the needs of the auto industry, where it has yet to catch on.


Bosal's Lightweight Exhaust System

Achieving significant weight reduction in automotive parts often requires a complete re-thinking of traditional designs, not just a nip and tuck or a change of materials.

Detroit Regained

The whole trick here is to overcome this old Detroit myth that you can’t make money on small cars.

Of Bread and Circuses

I’ve been a fan of Formula One, and racing in general, since my earliest days.

The Auto Suppliers' Advantage

One of the advantages of participation in the automotive industry is being in the forefront of manufacturing and management trends.