From Lab to Road: A Rundown of Recent University Research

Having a car door get keyed is enough to make you feel sick. University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign researchers have developed a coatings additive to let the healing begin.

Mini E(LECTRIC), Part 2 of 5

The first product from BMW's "project i" mobility program, the Mini E swaps gasoline power for electric, a fuel tank-including the rear seats and most of the luggage space-for lithium-ion batteries, and a range of 488 miles per tank of gas for 150 miles per full charge.

Manning Up The Lexus RX 350

How do you solve "a problem" like the Lexus RX?

What Designer Should Know About Lasers

No, we're not talking about spot sizes, wavelengths, and lasing mediums. Rather, how lasers can make better-looking vehicles (that are also lighter, stronger and safer).

Nissan's EV and Battery Plans, Part 3 of 5

 Nissan's 2010 electric vehicle isn't a two-seat city vehicle, but rather a 4-5 passenger sedan powered by a laminated lithium-ion battery pack. "We aren't buying this technology," says Mark Perry, director, Product Planning and Advanced Technology Strategy, Nissan North America, Inc., "and we are ready to share it with other automakers." Each laminate layer is about the size of a laptop computer, and modules are created by stacking laminates on top of one another while leaving room for cooling air to circulate between them.

The Hybrid Conundrum, Part 1 of 5

Without government regulations and incentives, will the consumer demand exist to support production volumes?

The Check's Cleared, Now What?

Flush with cash from U.S. taxpayers, Detroit now needs to think long and hard about what's next.

Manning Up The Lexus RX 350

How do you solve "a problem" like the Lexus RX?

Objects of Interest

Objects of Interest- Feb 09

Angled Cutting HeadBIG Kaiser’s Slender Drive Angle Head allows for 90o cutting operations within bores as small as 30 mm with a maximum speed of up to 2,000 rpm.


Siemens Automation Vision: Speed and Communication

Factory automation is about much more than just the latest robotics system or high-speed milling machine.

Something Swedish about Design

Something to consider during this period of automotive transitionThe Swedish crystal expert firm Orrefors (http://www.orrefors.se/main.asp) started business in 1898 where an iron factory had been sited since 1726.

The Changing Face of GM

Now that GM executives have released their survival plan, the question remains: “What happens to the General’s current—and future—lineup?”


The Greater Good

As evidence global warming is altering the environmental landscape wanes, calls for action increase while liberty and freedom hang in the balance.

The Domestic 3: How Are They Doing?

By Laurie Harbour-Felax, President, Harbour-Felax GroupHow are the auto companies progressing halfway through the government-mandated 90 days to develop a plan for long term viability?

Innovation, Interrupted

The end of 2008 was a period of heightened drama for the auto industry, as some automakers pursued emergency loans from the lame-duck government and vehicle sales fell to unfamiliar depths.

Rise & Fall & Rise Again

If you read just one book this year about what it takes to be successful, then it ought to be Talent Is Overrated by Geoff Colvin (Portfolio; $25.95). Forget about Malcolm Gladwell*. If you're going to read just one book this year, then (1) this book will cause you to read more books, assuming that you want to advance in your career; or (2) if you don't read more than one book this year, then unless you are spending an incredible amount of time reading things on line, chances are you are going to slip way, way behind others who do what you do, which means that you are likely to end up with a whole lot of time on your hands. . .perhaps to read books.

On Electronics - Feb. 2009

Skyping from the CarVisteon Corp. has a new entertainment system with a more flexible programming platform and more powerful microprocessor core to keep pace with the race of mobile consumer electronics and Internet applications.

GM's Crystal Windham: The Importance of Impact

During the past 15 years, Crystal Windham has worked on projects from the interior of the current Malibu to exteriors of trucks.