Losing the Youth Market

I could hardly believe what the young woman filling out the rental car forms was telling me about the problems she was having with her lease car.

Geared for Success

Six-speed automatic transmissions are beginning to hit the market, hot on the heels–almost literally–of yesterday’s tech leader, the five-speed automatic.

Jacques Nasser Was Right

There is no such thing as a mundane product or mundane business. Only mundane ideas.

How To Stimulate Creativity Among your People

Creativity was once considered the province of a chosen few—artists, sculptors, writers and the like.

Oil, SUVs, and Other Related Considerations

As of the time of this writing, oil prices have spiked to near $40 per barrel, gasoline is selling at over $2.00 per gallon in many locations, and SUVs have been selling just fine.

Sensible IT Strategy

The auto industry has stumbled and soared.


Surfacing: More Than Skin Deep

Surfacing software developer ICEM Ltd. is already the market leader in its segment. Now, it is looking to expand its reach by offering new products that bridge the gap between engineers and stylists.

Plastic Pieces

Effective Medium-Volume Composite PartsOne of the problems with low-lot production runs is that they tend to be more expensive than higher-volume production.

Power From the Masses With Grid Computing

A new class of software breaks through the bottleneck of limited compute resources—by using available compute resources.

Wrenching Changes in the Auto Industry:

Industry overcapacity has cut profits, driven consolidation and increased the tension between automakers and suppliers. Increased flexibility, greater volumes for platforms and components, and attrition in the ranks will relieve some of the pressure, but not right away.

Can Copper Make A Comeback?

Will stricter emissions rules permit copper to make a comeback in automotive radiators? The International Copper Association surely thinks so-as does a new manufacturer, which happens to be located in Siberia.

FEA: Beyond the Analysts

Finite element analysis (FEA) is no longer a comparatively expensive, functionally limited tool with limitations with regard to both interoperability and accuracy. In fact, the software is simpler, better, and, yes, even cheaper. It is helping the virtual become real. And it can even be used by people who don’t have the word “analyst” in their title.

Pacifica: Something Else

Although it might be a bit much to talk about the 'reinvention of Chrysler' the 2004 Pacifica points to a direction that the vehicle manufacturer is going: To the places where the other manufacturers aren't. Which could be a solid strategy for success.

Better Vehicles Through Steel

Advances are being made in steel that can lead to better, safer, more fuel-efficient vehicles-without taking a huge economic hit.