Musing the Obvious

Here they are asking whether there is such a thing as empty space or whether space is actually described by the objects in space.


Turning: Spindles are Important, but so is the System

Okuma's Advanced Center for Manufacturing shares its strategy for turning lean.

Learning Lean

How I used "common sense" to manufacture widgets for TI Automotive.

Ford Technology Sets Sail

The Blue Oval isn't appearing on this America's Cup yacht just as a marketing ploy.

Flexible Thinking

How Need, Innovation, Team Work & a Whole Bunch of Machining Centers Have Transformed TRW Tillsonburg Into a Model of Lean Manufacturing.

Developments That Can Change Design & Production

Here are some technologies that are making their way out of the labs and onto the roads that have implications about how components are designed and vehicles are built.

Got Skill? What's A Company To Do? (PART 2 of 3)

Part two of a three-part series by Colleen DeJong. It's tough enough to find employees with skill, much less keep them. Can you train, and retain the kind of skill you need to get the job done—without losing them to the higher-paying competition down the street? Sure, but they have to be open minded, creative, and well aware of what they already have around them...

MIT: The Auto Industry's Other Research Lab

The most important product from schools is students. One way to teach students is through research. To fund that research, leading academic institutions are collaborating with industry. Industry fronts the money; academia provides the research. Everybody wins. Here's one example.

STEP: Will It Finally Hit Stride?

Till now, the STEP data exchange standard has been widely accepted in concept, but not really in practice. But that's changing in the automotive industry as more and more tests show STEP translators can effectively exchange information and CAD vendors start announcing STEP products.