GM‘s Smart Moves

General Motors has weathered some tough years over the last decade, but lately the tide seems to be turning in its favor

When Lean Can‘t Save You

I visited a spark plug manufacturing facility recently

Why Detroit May Miss Telematics

 Clearly the darling of the auto industry today is telematics

Imaginative Stretch

 Imagine a small, two-seat vehicle, about the size of a golf cart on andro, not full-blown steroids: bulked up but not massive


Panoz: In Fast Company

We hear it frequently around Detroit, the sad tale of good engineers and managers who lose their faith People who love cars and have great pride in their work, but all the same grow weary of the bean counters, the anchor draggers, the compromises, the politics, and the overwhelming bureaucracy of the auto industry “There’s got to be a better place, a better way, for the real car guys,” they think Well there is Welcome to Panoz—America’s coolest car company

Meritor Leverages the Sandwich

The automotive supplier is taking modularity to a new level: to the roof It has developed a mothod to combine coil-coated metal with a headliner and a polyurethane in between that not only can provide better physical properties for a roof, but which can improve assembly, as well

Think Fast

Observations and opinions about the nature of Detroit in context with what's occuring right now in silicon valley from a man who has been on the ground in both locales, Dr Christopher Meyer As Meyer observes, "speed has never been more important" They get it in the valley But what about Motown?

Magyar Manufacturing

GM has an engine plant in what some might think an odd location in Eastern Europe, a place best known for paprika and inexpensive labor, but there's more to Opel Hungary than one might first expect—like the fact that it's one of the most productive engine plants in the world

TransAtlantic Transitions: Plastics Move From Over There To Over Here

Although the US is certainly a place where plenty of trends are started, some engineering trends start in Europe and make their way west As in the case of some plastic applications under the hood

True Collaboration Now Possible Through Engineering Portals

Engineering design portals provide valuable, inexpensive, readily available solid model translation, simulation, and analysis services right to your Web browser—and across your entire supply chain