On the Management Side: Effective Managers Do These Things

The complexities of modern business cannot be reduced to a few glib formulas.

EuroAuto: Bosch & The Year of ESP

According to statistics provided by Robert Bosch GmbH (, skidding is the cause of one quarter of all accidents.

Insight: The Art and Science of Material Selection

Although automobile manufacturing would seem to be a cut-and-dried process, driven by the logic of science and technology (the arts of designing exteriors and discerning consumer preferences, notwithstanding), facts and data don’t necessarily determine everything.

Marginal: Unbreakable

"Is your brand breakable?" That's the key, and most provocative question posed by Martin Lindstrom in Brand sense: Build Powerful Brands Through Touch, Taste, Smell, Sight, and Sound (Free Press; $26.00). While some people might immediately think that this is a book for people in product marketing—and it is—I would submit that it is just as much for designers and engineers, for the people who are responsible for creating products, as it is for people who are responsible for bringing those products to market.The issue of breakability is a rather interesting one.

Dudder: Putting Jaguar In Focus

Allow me to express a contrary opinion.


Developing Designs: The Public & The Passion

To say "Zoom-Zoom" is one thing. To identifiably design it is another. Here's some of what goes into making it happen.

The Drive for Hard Drives

"There is no question in my mind that automotive is going to hard drives.

Looking At Infiniti's M Sedan

The 2006 Infiniti M Sedans are based on Nissan’s FM (Front Midship) platform found underneath the Infiniti G35 coupe and sedan, Nissan 350 Z, and Infiniti FX35/FX45 SUVs.

Creating the 'American Design' for Motorcycle Aficionados

Nowadays, behind even the most meticulously hand-crafted machine, is some high-tech design software.

Oh, What A Company!

Toyota & the Art of Continuous Improvement. How the best manufacturer in the industry just keeps getting better.

Looking at Nissan Frontier and Xterra

Mid-size truck makers are up against a wall of incentive cash that places some full-size models within reach of the typical mid-size truck buyer.

Only The Persistent Survive

Although lauded for its lean best practices, Freudenberg-NOK's president and CEO believes that they have to help make their suppliers—and even customers—better if all are to prosper. And he also operates knowing that what may be good today is likely to be insufficient tomorrow, so while continuous improvement is key, innovation is crucial.

All the (Electronic) Comforts of Home

Watching DVDs in the car is so last year. The latest round of in-vehicle entertainment focuses on watching TV from built-in hard drives and surfing the web while speeding down the highway (passengers only, please).

A New Way to Look at Welding

Researchers at Battelle have developed a modeling method that can predict fatigue life in weld joints and thereby cut millions in development costs.


Honda's Lean Network

"In the past our focus has been more reactive," explains Jack Parsons, manager, supplier development, Honda of America Mfg. (HAM) "But we recognized there was an opportunity to take stable suppliers to the next level." He’s talking about HAM’s Lean Network initiative.

Ford Drives All-Wheel-Drive

All-wheel-drive for the masses?

Volvo's Plug-and-play AWD

"Volvo and all-wheel drive just go together," says Anne Bélec, the new president of Volvo Cars North America.

Field Guide to the Vehicles of the 2005 NAIAS

Name: 2006 Ford FusionType: Four-door FWD sedanReason for Being: To fill the niche between the Five Hundred on the larger side and Focus on the smaller.