Depeche MODE

A few thousand vehicles were displayed at the 2000 Mondial de l’Automobile (or Paris Auto Show as it’s known in a more popular parlance), but only a few stood out: those that did predicted a very fashionable—albeit gridlocked—future.

Computer Power: On the Road & At Work

It is not surprising that Steve Ward is bullish about the benefits of microprocessors for products and processes—after all, he is IBM's Global Industrial Sector's general manager. But what may be surprising is the extent to which this technology can be leveraged right now.

Competing Through Speed

One of the difficulties of being a tooling supplier for stamping and assembly operations is that typically, those products are ordered near the end of the development schedule. . .and how often is that end period a whole lot shorter than had been originally planned? One supplier has instituted a lean manufacturing process to address this time crunch: What used to require a week-and-a-half is now being done in 90 minutes. Here's what it did.

$aving Money on $oftware By Renting It

The rental approach may not work always and everywhere, but for some aps—like maintenance—it makes tremendous sense, and helps save some money.

Removing Metal

Although there is an increased use of non-metallic materials in cars and components, there are still plenty of steel, cast iron, alloys, aluminum, magnesium, and other metals being transformed into parts on the one hand and chips on the other. Here's an array of equipment that can help make metal removal fast, accurate andefficient.


What You Can Learn from Firestone & Ford

During recent months, the Firestone/Ford Explorer fiasco has shaken the entire automotive industry to its core.

Rolling Large

Irony at its most effective is that which is unorchestrated...as in my receiving, straight from the 2000 Mondial de l’Automobile, from Jeff Sabatini, an authentic Michael Schumacher lid, which was fitted on my noggin the day a 2001 Suburban 2500 4WD was dropped off at the office for our ad hoc assessment.One of the things that Schumacher is known to be capable of is driving so well that he is able to transcend the limitations of a vehicle.

Waltzing on Wall Street

The auto industry is in the midst of a major restructuring.

Bad Tires & Softening Market

Light vehicle production in the NAFTA region seems to be hitting a few bumps in the road.

Two Models of Success

The Western New York Chapter of the New Product Development Association held its third annual professional development seminar on September 13, 2000, in Rochester, New York, and there were two noteworthy presentations.

System Skills

For several years, the automotive industry has been enamored with the concept of modularity.

Are You Wasting Your People’s Time?

Few managers believe that they can possibly be the cause of wasted time, but it’s often the case.The boss who keeps people waiting to see him, or who drops in to discuss unimportant things, or considers breathing down an employee’s neck a normal part of followthrough is killing time as surely as a daydreamer.Some overlooked ways in which you may be affecting your people’s schedules:Poor instructions: Poor communications are evident in hastily given instructions.