Up Front with Steel

“Front-end design is tricky,” Pete Peterson, director-Marketing, Automotive, United States Steel Corp. (Pittsburgh) and a member of the Auto/Steel Partnership, points out with what can only be characterized as an understatement.

The Toyota Prius: The Most Important '04 Model? Yes.

Toyota is diligently working to change the automotive landscape. Sure, the numbers aren't big now, but consider this: in Toyota's first full year of business in the U.S., 1957, it sold 287 Toyopets. Two years of similarly anemic sales followed. Toyota withdrew from the market. The Camry was the number-one selling car in America in 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, and 2002. Don't let initial small numbers lull you into a sense that everything will remain the same. It won't. Which is why the Prius is so important to the industry.

A Hitchhiker's Guide To The Telematics Ecosystem

Telematics finally has moved from buzzword to reality via the formation of an elaborate web of companies providing hardware, software and services. It is likened to a living ecosystem, though its growth pattern resembles that of the Internet.

Plastic Processes Can Protect Business

 Many consumer products are produced in China nowadays.

21st Century Dynaflow

Inventor Tom Kasmer's design for a variable-pitch hydraulic CVT automatic transmission promises much greater efficiency than traditional vane pumps, but his inspiration came from a very unlikely source.

Ford's Next Step in Engine Manufacturing

 “This is the most dramatic change in manufacturing since the introduction of the assembly line by Henry Ford,” says David Szczupak, vice president, Powertrain Operations at Ford.

What Auto Can Learn From Aero: Simulating Without Prototypes

Just how far can you go simulating on the computer before you have to make a prototype? Pretty far, according to The Boeing Company.

Why Malibu Matters

Do you get the sense that vehicle manufacturers have forgotten the midsize car category in their rush to design and build trucks? GM has long focused on the pickups and SUVs (for good rea$on). With the Chevy Malibu, it is working on what is still an important segment.

Teamwork & Technology: How Evernham Motorsports Goes Fast-& Will Become Faster

Not only is NASCAR racing ascending in popularity, the level of design and engineering technology being deployed by some teams is rising just as fast—or perhaps even faster. Here's a look inside one of the premier teams.


Platform Reductions vs. Demands for Specialization

 One of the biggest issues in the automotive industry in the past few years is the OEM’s attempt to reduce the number of platforms they are offering in order to improve their competitive position.

Building Employee Interest

Building Employee Interest

Sounds Like Teen Spirit

  The long-term future of the auto industry is clearly in the hands of young adults.

The Wright Stuff

  Although a lot of attention has— rightfully—been paid to the centennial of the Ford Motor Company, there is another centennial event that is being celebrated this December 17, marking the Wright Brothers’ nearly legendary flight just south of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, on Kill Devil Hills.

Save the Hamsters!

A recent trip to the pet food store brought an unexpected surprise.