Developing an Innovative Auto Seat with Aero Tech

BASF—working collaboratively with Performance Materials Corp. and Faurecia—has come up with a significant innovation in automotive seating: A seat back that integrates the seat frame and back panel integrated into a single thermoplastic structure.

Hyundai’s Remarkable Hybrid

Hyundai enters the American market with a new parallel hybrid system that uses lithium-polymer batteries and the same six-speed automatic found in non-hybrid versions of the 2011 Sonata.

New Process Developed for Gear Machining

Heller Machine Tools and Voith, a Germany-based transmission manufacturer, have developed a process that permits the pre-milling and milling operations to produce bevel gears and gear components on a five-axis machining center rather than on a dedicated gear-making machine.To produce gears, they start with the drawing of the part.

High-Performance Battery Separators

A nonfiber-based polymeric separator for lithium-ion batteries capable of boosting power 15 to 30% and extending life up to 20% for hybrid and electric vehicles has been developed by DuPont.


2011 Honda Odyssey: Yes, It Is A Minivan. Proudly

When the principal designer has owned seven of them, you know that his knowledge of what works is deep. And when the engineering team has owned over 40, it's more than a job but a commitment. What's more, the minivan handles like—well, something far more than a minivan.

Lexus: A Hatch This Time

It's been about five years since Lexus had a hatch, the IS SportCross. But with the CT 200h, it is bringing to market a hatch with a difference: it's a hybrid.

This Is Shinari

The concept car is an expression of the new Mazda design language, KODO.

Lamborghini's Focus On Composites

When you're building some of the most exotic cars in the world, you pursue some of the most advanced materials technologies, too.

KIA 2011 Sportage Not A Concept But A Brillant Execution

Kia continues to focus on fresh, fashion-forward designs with the Sportage CUV. And it is also acknowledging suppliers in its execution.

PLM Behind The Scenes

Must product life-cycle management (PLM) systems be up front and center? No. But by being there it can add assistance for collaboration and design.

Powertrain Developments At General Motors

Yes, there's the Volt. But by no means should the new 1.4-liter turbo in the Chevy Cruze be overlooked.


Marginal: Electric Cars, Streetcars & Dead Horses

As the quote from American philosopher George Santayana has it, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." And it seems that nowadays, the past is something that few people care to consider.

Insight: The Revival of the Full-Size Pickup Truck Market

With all the attention being paid to small cars, it's appropriate to pause and take stock of the situation for the vehicle at the other end of the weight ratings, the mighty pickup truck.

On Electronics

Although image sensors are being more widely used in vehicles to aid in parking and lane change assist, they’re effectiveness is often challenged in hot weather environments.

Re Research: Research Items November/December 2010

Hydrogen-Compatible ManufacturingAlthough hydrogen is considered to be a future alternative to fossil-fuels, there are certain factors preventing it from taking off today.