Building the BMW 7 Series

Whether it be market share or profits, the model line up or share prices, BMW grows exponentially.

Mini Cooper: Package Delivery

The original Mini, introduced in 1959, brought transverse front- wheel drive to the auto industry, and stayed in production virtually unchanged for 41 years.

Utter Fuelishness

Halleluiah! The U.S. Senate's ill-conceived plan to boost Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards by 50% has died a well-deserved death.

Glassy-eyed Optimists or Material Geniuses?

In the movie Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home Mr.

Digital Piracy and the Automobile

It's no secret that unauthorized music copying is costing the music industry billions of dollars in lost revenue.

Things a Good Leader Does

He initiates action.

Marginal: Who Cares?

 I don't want to come off as a scold.


An Honest Engine

Want to know how to design, develop, and build a low-volume engine without breaking the bank? Motorcycle builder Indian may have found the answer.

Ford's Future Factory – NOW!

The future of manufacturing at Ford is now on display at the new Dearborn Engine Plant. It's streamlined, flexible and poised to change the way the No. 2 automaker does business.

Trends, Developments & Tools: A Sampling From This Year's SAE Congress

Richard Smith, director, Climate Control Engineering, Denso International America, Inc., says that serious work is underway at Denso in developing a more environmentally benign air-conditioning system, one that will make use of CO2 in place of the R-134a refrigerant.

Beyond Datebooks & To-Do Lists: PDA's in Manufacturing

"What can you do with them?" That was what people were asking about personal computers 20 years ago. People are again asking that question, but now it's about personal digital assistants (PDAs) in manufacturing.

Revolutionizing the Internal Combustion Engine

A fundamental of an engine is its block, which is part and parcel of the more-or-less rectangular architecture of the unit. But the people at Advanced Engine Technologies have devised something that resembles a barrel, not a block. Could it be the next big thing?

Accelerating Product Development

Although there are acronyms abounding, the bottom line is this: Hewlett-Packard is a renowned manufacturing company that has learned things about product development that can be helpful to your company's achieving faster times to market—and yes, we mean companies that aren't making printers.

Honda's Compact & Clever New Hybrid Powertrain

The powertrain for the 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid is small. And by this we mean the internal combustion engine, transmission and the 10-kW electric motor/generator that's fitted between the two.