STEEL: Staying Strong

There's plenty of buzz about materials other than steel because steel has been used for body applications for so long But the steel industry is working so that its products will be anything but antique

Building the Odyssey: Honda's Biggest Vehicle

One of Honda's philosophies is to build vehicles where they sell them and to provide vehicles that meet market demands So now the company is bringing out an all-new minivan that's larger in every way than its previous model And it built a new factory in Canada to produce the Odyssey Here's a look inside

The Big Picture

HP is making it a whole lot easier to do high-tech, high-touch concurrent engineering And more affordable, to boot

World Class Vehicle Launch Timing: The Conclusion (Part 6 of 6)

The World Class Vehicle Launch series investigated the launch performance of five leading vehicle assembly firms operating in North America, and examined their past and future strategies The companies reviewed in our analysis included Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Toyota, and Honda We have collected monthly production data on vehicles (30 launches) launched by these companies in North America between 1992 and 1996 Although there were more than 30 launches during this period, our initial investigation focused on single product-single plant launches In this, the final article, we will attempt to bring the information from the previous five articles together to provide some closing thoughts regarding the vehicle launch process

How ERP Systems Must Meet the Challenges of Automotive Suppliers

The minimum daily core requirements for business systems used to be financial management, inventory control, order management, and production scheduling

ABB & Applying Paint

Although ABB may be known to some people because of the innovative management approach of the global company or as a leading builder of industrial robots, it is both—and more It also offers a complete portfolio of painting technology Here's a look at some of it

Aluminum School

Almost half the weight of steel, the most abundant metallic element on earth has made significant inroads into the automotive industry

When Painting Two-Tones: Bag It

Great material savings can be achieved when high temperature-resistant bags are used for reverse masking in paint shops for getting two-tone paint jobs done Here's how it is done


Are You Worth It?

By investing money in people (through education and training) and by equipping them with the technology necessary to do their jobs, the result is a benefit to both the individuals and to the company