IBM Forges Ahead in Automotive

IBM’s Automotive Software Foundry initiative seeks to bring order to the chaotic world of automotive software development and put OEMs back in the driver’s seat

IBM's Near-Future Technologies for Telematics

Telematics combines automakers, consumers, service industries And computer companies

Flemish (car-making) Masters

Both Opel and Volvo hope to score big in Europe with new versions of the Astra and the S40 To that end they have sunk tidy sums into upgrading their manufacturing plants in the Flanders region of Belgium and are counting on new technology to improve quality and productivity

Alfred Sloan was Right

According to automotive writer and historian Thomas Bonsall, the domestic auto industry’s corporate-centric structure stands in the way of its success Only by looking to the past and giving its divisions a degree of autonomy can US automakers hope to thrive

Twins: Chevy Colorado & GMC Canyon

The Chevy Colorado crew cab and GMC Canyon extended cab

Casting And Machining the Porsche Cayenne Block

With a specialized vehicle like the Porsche Cayenne there’s a need for specialization in aspects of its production Like the use of a specialist casting supplier to not only produce the aluminum-silicon alloy block, but to completely machine it as well seat

Generation 5

Despite the controversial styling, the fifth generation BMW 5 Series hasn’t lost its sporting focus or dynamic prowess It remains a benchmark for sport sedans and for the hard work needed to stay on top

Twins: Ford Freestar and Mercury Monterey

The Ford Freestar and Mercury Monterey

Composite Coverup

The latest product from Quadrant Plastic Composites currently smoothes out the airflow under BMW’s 5 Series Plans are underway, however, to mate this material with Class A panels for use in roof, hood, and trunk panels

Rapid Prototyping: Rapidly Getting Stronger

When it comes to rapid prototyping (RP), there are a variety of available systems, but one statement holds true across them: “Materials are critical,” says Mervyn Rudgley, senior director for product development at 3D Systems (Valencia, CA) And when it comes to equipment, size matters, and for some, smaller is better


What Suppliers Can Do About Customer Pressures

The automotive environment is becoming harsher in terms of interaction between suppliers and customers, according to the results of IRN’s recently completed fourth biennial survey on price reduction dynamics

Stop Whining!

Politics has overtaken life

Emerging Business-to-Business Process Automation

A look at how portals are currently employed in the auto industry gives an appreciation for the significant steps that must be taken before business-to-business process automation can occur

Virtually Yours

We want to have all of you get engaged in creating a community of like-minded people who can help advance this industry in positive ways Go check out—and into—a forum

Nearly Steer-by-Wire

What Is It?Active Steer is as close to steer-by-wire as you can get in production