It's All About U

The keys to the future of personal mobility, Ford believes, can be found in its Model U concept SUV. Brimming with safety and electronic technologies, the vehicle also makes an attempt to chart a course toward the everyday use of hydrogen as a fuel, and the creation of materials and processes that lessen the automobile's environmental impact.

A Disruptive Approach to Strip Steel

Sometimes the time is right for a change. And right now might be one of those times when it comes to producing sheet steel.

Green by Design

William McDonough envisions a seemingly contradictory world where manufactured products are plentiful and the environment is clean and healthy. His method to get there is equally shocking: eco-effective, profitable companies free from regulation.

Forming: A Mini-Compendium of Developments

The Electromagnetic Approach to FormingOne of the problems associated with producing aluminum body panels as compared with making the same old typical steel sheet is that there is a tendency for the aluminum to tear or wrinkle during forming operations.

Mid-Market Automotive ERP Grows Up

Six months ago, when we last examined enterprise resource planning(ERP), we discovered that it was expanding beyond its conventional ERP roots—“expanding its footprint,” the pundits would say—to include customer relationship management (CRM), product lifecycle management (PLM), supply chain management (SCM), and other three-letter acronymic initiatives.

Ford's Singular Strategy

During the next eight years, Ford will not only consolidate engine and body architectures, but also the line configuration to build them. Here's how.

Raising (and Folding) the Roof

The people at Car Top Systems must be masters at origami because the systems that they make that can fold metal and fabric are nothing less than astounding.


QFD: the Low-Tech Way to Collaborate

Coordinating all the tasks necessary to bring a new vehicle to market isn’t child’s play. eBusiness vendors have suggested throwing lots of technology at the problem.

Give Your People Assignments that Train

Most assignments are viewed simply as a means of sharing the work burden with employees.

Radio Enters the Digital Domain

Motorola’s Symphony digital radio technology isn’t about crowding the airwaves with more stations.

Out In the Cold

The funny thing about this industry is that most of the people who buy its products aren’t that passionate about them.

Are Suppliers Too Profitable?

Should an automaker make better profits than its suppliers?


It wasn’t all that long ago that Detroit talked of “the Japanese” as though the collective Japanese auto manufacturers were some sort of Godzilla laying waste to the highways, byways and American marketplace.