Common Systems = Common Sense

 It distinguishes great companies from the mediocre.



A Saab Story

No car person wants to see a nameplate on the brink.

Learning to Compete in the Current Environment

As the automotive industry continues to cope with over- capacity and the constant down-ward pressure on pricing, maintaining profitability has been an increasingly difficult task.

Hydraulic Horsepower

Permo-Drive regenerative drive system.


A Revolutionary Material

This is a technology that can change the industry.

Broadband for the Car

FireWire, a.k.a. 1394, is a high-speed multimedia standard with capacities that far exceed what is available in today's vehicles. Proponents say the growth of in-car electronic monitoring and entertainment eventually will make its adoption necessary. Others say it's overkill.

Suppliers Talk about E-Business: It's Becoming Business As Usual

The exaggerated claims have been quieted. E-business has now become, for some companies, another tool to help achieve better efficiencies. Here's what some companies are doing with this tool.

A Sampling of Speed: Some Fast Machining Centers

Although people often talk about the flexibility of machining centers, one aspect that shouldn't be overlooked is that some of them offer the ability to go fast. Here are some of them. None are particularly exotic, but they surely can be productive.

The Two-Stroke Lives (cleanly, too)

Evinrude's E-TEC engines have done the seemingly impossible: saving the air-cooled two-stroke from oblivion

American Design Redefined

The merger with Daimler-Benz brought Chrysler unexpected bonuses: rear-drive technology and a way to break out of the cab-forward mold. Now it is using the opportunity to reinterpret past themes, establish an unmistakably American design idiom, and create distinct brand images for Chrysler and Dodge vehicles.