Who You Gonna Call? Some Consultants Who Can Help

With the rapid downsizing of companies and the increased complexities associated with transforming business models due to factors ranging from the Internet to global requirements, there is more work to do and fewer people to do it. So what are you going to do to handle this? You might try consultants. Here's a look at some of them and how they do what they do.

Research, Racing & Even Manufacturing Engineering

Here's a look at a comparatively new service being provided by Ricardo, a company long known for its powertrain design and development. It is now offering similarly skilled and imaginative manufacturing engineering capabilities.

Logistics: A Difference Between Winning & Losing

Logistics in the automotive industry is at a crossroads.

Design Tools Get a Little Better

Tweaks, new versions, new products in the twin worlds of CAD and PDM—all are making design creation and sharing those designs easier and easier.

Building Better Powertrains Through Lean Approaches at Toyota

Toyota Motor Manufacturing West Virginia (TMMWV) makes some of the most efficient and reliable four- and six-cylinder powerplants in the world. This month, the facility will become the first outside of Japan to be entrusted with making automatic transmissions, and in 2003 it will begin making powertrains for Toyota's crème de lá crème Lexus channel. You might think advanced process technology is the secret to their success. The truth is that while the people at TMMWV are not exactly Luddites, the dogged pursuit of the Toyota Production System—through simple visual management techniques and standardization, standardization, standardization—helps set them apart.

BMW Improves Powertrains

While all the automotive world seems to consider fuel cell technology as the answer to future powertrain requirements, BMW alone seems to have its doubts.

Is Less More?

The folks from Garrett think it is, but automakers and their customers may need more coaxing to accept four cylinder engines that are more efficient than, and outperform, V8s.


Downturn Maneuvers—Motown Style

We should know better, shame on us.

Midlife Makeover for Outback

PowertrainUnder the Legacy Outback's hood sits a new, 3.0-liter flat six-cylinder engine with 212 hp and 210 lb.-ft. of torque.

The Penguin vs. the Dinosaur

The statement that Bill Etherington, Senior Vice President and Group Executive, Sales and Distribution, IBM Corporation made at link_2001, IBM's third annual Supply Chain Management Conference, couldn't have been more unambiguous.

A Renaissance for Alfa Romeo in the U.S.?

Before traveling to Turin recently, I hadn't seen an Alfa Romeo on the road since the company left the U.S. market in humiliation in the mid-1990s.