Automotive Supply Chain Management: As Good As It Gets?

Many observers agree that the automotive industry is running its supply chain well. They also agree there's room for improvement.

The RX 330: Continuous Improvement Made Real

What do you do when you already have an SUV that has such solid sales that it's first in class? If you're Lexus, you make it better.

Tools of the Trade: Machining

Here are some things to know if you're in the metal removal arena — they'll help you get it done faster, better, and probably less expensively.

Framing The Question

Is body-on-frame architecture on its way out, a victim of a drive for lighter weight structures? Maybe not. Smaller vehicle volumes, a desire to build more vehicles from fewer platforms, and new electronic technologies may catapult it to the forefront in a way the industry hasn't seen since Hudson introduced its 'step-down' frame in the 1950s.

Pieces on Plastics

Here are some things that you should know regarding useful developments in the plastics arena.

How to Succeed in Tough Times

Blackhawk Automotive Plastics, Inc. has developed a formula for business success that provides customers with an unusual combination: low-cost parts and sophisticated engineering services. The current soft economy notwithstanding, it plans to double its business in the next few years.


Not All Legislation is Nuts

Outside my window, a squirrel lays dead in the street.

Figuring Out the Future: What to look For

The automotive industry has always had difficulty dealing with uncertainty.

Manufacturing In Motion

People who are not only willing to learn, but who do so enthusiastically—well, they’re unbeatable.

Cars In Cuba

With 11 million educated citizens, Cuba is a huge, untapped automotive market.