Sales Slow In the U.S.

Due in part to climbing interest rates and higher fuel prices, there are now signs of slowing sales in the U.S.

My 2 Bucks

This weekend, gas prices in Detroit leapt above the magic $2.00 per gallon mark.

The Internet, People & Success

Guy Briggs gave the keynote address at the SAE Automotive Manufacturing Conference & Exposition (AMCE) in Dearborn last month.

Nissan: Light at the End of Its Tunnel?

North America is destined to play a key role in the worldwide recovery of troubled Japanese car maker, Nissan.

Introducing the Mercedes Production System

Hardly a week—let alone a month—goes by without a new model being presented by the DaimlerChrysler colossus; the frequency is such that sometimes they barely register a flicker on the interest scale.

Advancing Materials

Although the technology that is powering your notebook computer and the coating that may be on the CD that you picked up over the weekend are both potentially from Energy Conversion Devices, this Troy, Michigan-based firm may give a whole new meaning to "gas tank."

What You Need to Know About B2B eMarketing

Mind share begets market share.


Uncommon Thinking

Lear has an idea that could make vehicle interiors more configurable, in much the same way as computers are. When it comes to integrating electronics and interiors, this is just the beginning.

Continental Teves Morganton: "Where Rhetoric is Meeting Reality"

You've heard the talk before-and maybe even said it: "High quality." "Low cost." Here's how they're walking the talk in a Continental Teves Braking Systems Plant in North Carolina.

Steel Never Sleeps

The use of hydroformed components, bake hardenable steel stampings and other design and process innovations can provide vehicle manufacturers with the means to produce cost-effective, lightweight products-so says the American Iron and Steel Institute.

Ford's Breakaway SUV: The Escape

Ford is selling Explorers, Expeditions and Excursions at the rate about equal to that of ice cream on the Fourth of July. And when you take into account the number of F-Series trucks that it is selling, the company is clearly the leader in putting bodies on frames. But now it is making a slight shift in direction with its Escape: a compact sport ute with unibody construction. Here's a look.

A Brief Look at Development on the Quality Scene

Here are some items that may be useful for you if you are looking for the ways and means to produce better products...

Oxford Automotive: 'Go Fast' Strategy in Action

Although it can sometimes take a year to get a stamping press put in place, the people at Oxford Automotive did somewhat better: They installed 32 presses (some new, some used) in a plant and got them running in 11 months. And one more thing: They had to build the plant, too.

Tracking the MCAD Enhancements

A few hundred enhancements to a single software application? For some Applications, that number suggests a questionable software release. In mechanical computer-aided design (MCAD), that number is an embarrassment of riches—for users.