Marginal: The Fire Within

How are the recently completed Olympic Games like the world of work that most of us participate in on a daily basis?The unfortunate answer to the question is that it isn't much like it at all—and I don't mean that because we're not decked out in clothing from Roots.

Even Though He Was Wrong, Jac Nasser Was Right

Reality is a funny thing. I believe it to be an unchanging constant modified by the beliefs, hopes, perspective, and agenda of each person on earth. It's why no two people see things in the same way. It's also why many disagree with my views, and even more will once they finish reading this.

How to Stand Out from the Crowd

Does your boss view you as someone clearly marked for advancement, or just another face in the crowd?

Thailand Tales: Profits Still Elusive

Editor's note: Although Dr.


A Brighter Approach To Development

Guide Corp. is using software skills and cross-functional teams to create better lighting solutions for its customers—fast.

What's Love Got To Do With It?

Everything, says Adrian van Hooydonk, head of Designworks USA, BMW's California design studio. Though he sees retro design as a response to passionless vehicles and an uncertain future, he is convinced automakers can recapture the spirit and emotion that make a design resonate with buyers, without having to lean too hard on past vehicles.

Covisint: Beyond Auctions

What's it take to use Covisint, the automotive industry's Internet-based trading exchange? Well, besides a computer, here are some other things to consider.

Moraine Gets Lean

Intent on becoming leaner and more efficient, gm has revamped its moraine assembly plant with an eye toward higher quality and faster launches.

Renault's Up-Scale Gamble

First shown as a concept in September 1998 at the Paris Show to celebrate Renault's centenary, the Vel Satis has now made it into series production—more or less intact.

Out of the Kitchen, Into the Car

Corian, a material most often used for kitchen sinks and countertops, and Kevlar, the composite fiber that makes bullet-proof vests bullet proof, may be making their way into automotive interiors within the next five years.

The G35: Infiniti Enters the Fray

Although Infiniti has not been getting as much attention in the market as its premium competitors seem to have, the company is not standing still when it comes to rolling out with new products.

Leveraging the Supply Chain for Competitive Advantage

Cisco does it. Dell does it. Garrett is starting to. Your company can, too. "It" is leveraging supplier resources for productive benefit.

Too Good To Be True?

This new suspension system is said to be lighter, cheaper, better, and less complex than conventional setups. Will it succeed, or prove to be too good to be true?