Hanging by a Wire

Not satisfied with theoretical exercises, BMW Technik set out to see whether or not drive-by-wire systems lived up to their promise. the best way to determine this, it reasoned, was to build a drivable technology demonstrator. six years later, the z22 is still teaching the company about the promise inherent in electronic vehicle control.

Renault and GM Target the Light Truck Market

Renault is developing a platform with Nissan designed to renew the LCV range that will contain Japanese powertrain components.

Fresh From The Paint Oven

PPG's Application Development Center has cooked up a number of new recipes for powder coating, from changing color on the fly to cutting drying time. The company hopes the new processes will drop more than over spray to the bottom line.

From Opening Garage Doors To Implementing Bluetooth: A Look At JCI's Electronics

Although some people might know Johnson Controls (JCI) as a seat/interiors provider, the organization does have a not-insignificant electronics concern. (No, this isn’t related to the word controls in the company’s name; that is more related to the company’s building HVAC and related operations.) Jim Geschke is JCI’s vice president of Electronics Integration. He deals with cars and trucks, not ducts and vents.

Program Management: A Quick Look

Program management is a methodology to map out the steps need to get from a strategy to execution: to get something done like getting from point A to point B

Making It Good At Buick: A Talk with Designer David Lyon

Dave Lyon is a self-professed car-nut who is charged with designing the cars of tomorrow for Buick. While some people might equate “Buick” with tired luxomobiles, given the concepts like the Bengal that Lyon had a hand in, they may be writing a new history at the brand thanks to Lyon and his colleagues.

Where's The Money In E-bu$ine$$?

Yes, you can make and save money through eBusiness. “Where?” is the $64,000 question that individual companies and on-line marketplaces are struggling with. Here are some clues about that location.

Solve for X

X-by-wire technologies offer the promise of safer, better-handling cars that are easier and faster–and eventually, cheaper—to develop and build.

Saturn Launches the VUE

The first thing that someone might say is “Saturn has an SUV?”


Processes, Practices, People

Business can be looked at as processes, practices, and people.

So Much Hot Air

It didn’t take long for Audi to nearly sweep the design awards at the third Michelin Challenge Bibendum.

Back to Basics

After several years of hearing about how the Detroit manufacturers wanted to be more known as more than a car company, it is refreshing to hear them talk about getting back to basics.

Make the Time You Need

Make the time you need.

Value-added: Differently

What do you get paid for?” John Waraniak, director of E-Business Speed, Johnson Controls, asks rhetorically.

Saving the Second Tier

Tier-two manufacturers are becoming an endangered species, and are especially vulnerable in the current industry downturn.