GM's Hybrids: Beyond the Urban Environment

At 1,169 square miles, Yosemite National Park is about the size of Rhode Island

What You May Not Know About Grinding-& Ought To

So far as metal removal operations go, grinding could be one that has greater applicability at operations at both OEMs and suppliers—with beneficial consequences

Clean Air Systems

Mann + Hummel's secondary air charger replaces a conventional belt-driven or electric secondary air pump with a unit that is both smaller and lighter

Fast Cuts

Looking for higher speeds in machining operations?

Plastic Parts, Metallic Finish

Physical vapor deposition (PVD) is a high-temperature process often used to harden metal surfaces

Cadillac's Australian Connection

When Cadillac executives began researching what would become the V-Series performance line, they looked to Holden Special Vehicles (HSV; wwwhsvcomau) for advice

From Hard to Hearty

One of the consequences of the bankruptcies that are occurring within the supplier community at what can be described—with a certain amount of understatement—as an "alarming rate" is the fact that this isn't simply about the finances of the organizations, but about the people in those companies

Big Blue and Big Brother

If you don't like the thought of Big Brother knowing how fast you drive down the open highway, you'll want to cross the United Arab Emirates off of your list of possible retirement location choices

Treat Your Suppliers Well

When all else is equal, John W

Ford's Digital Fusion

This fall, the Ford Fusion, Mercury Milan, and Lincoln Zephyr will go into production at Ford's assembly plant in Hermosillo [Mexico] Stamping & Assembly Plant

Mercedes Goes Bananas

The diminutive second-generation Mercedes-Benz A-Class is not only "green" from the standpoint of the comparative fuel efficiency it offers (49 liters/100 km—or 62 miles/129 gal), but it is enviro in another way

Diesels in Detroit

Although some manufacturing companies are abandoning the state of Michigan for more southerly climes, Detroit Diesel Corp (DDC; Redford Twsp, MI; wwwdetroitdieselcom) and Freightliner LLC (Portland, OR; wwwfreightlinercom), both of which are parts of DaimlerChrysler (DDC is actually part of Freightliner, which produces and markets Class 3-8 vehicles under the names Freightliner, Sterling, Western Star, American LaFrance, and Thomas Built Buses), are making a significant commitment with a $275-million spend at DDC’s 32-million-ft2 HQ facility

Pedestrian Protector

The European Enhanced Vehicle Safety Committee (EEVC) has established regulations that will make it a requirement for automobiles to provide pedestrian protection in collisions of 40 km/hr (25 mph) Apparently, most existing cars available in Europe, according to tests conducted through the European New Car Assessment Program (EuroNCAP) don’t meet up


Dudder: 867-5309*

I was reading a copy of Forbes the other day when I ran across a piece on Ford highlighting the 2006 Fusion

Insight: The Increasing Importance of Testing

Makers of test equipment have to be happy about a number of the current trends in the automotive industry

On Strategy: How to Deal With Steel

Steel has not been the most attractive industry over the past 35 years

On the Management Side: How To Concentrate

Some days seem especially designed for goofing off

EuroAuto: The Challenges of Electronics

Electronic systems on the car have advanced at a rapid rate in a very short space of time

Marginal: Nuts, Bolts & Paper Cuts

While death by guillotine may be more dramatic, for most, the decline to the end is more a case of death by paper cuts, a small, painful, inexorable series of events that has the same consequence of the whooshing blade


Electric Steering Gets a Boost

With the move to 42-volt electrical architectures on indefinite hold, OEMs are looking for ways to provide the benefits of electric steering while still using traditional hydraulic systems

Plastic-Intensive Vehicle Déjá vu?

Porsche's $440,795 Carrera GT road car has a carbon fiber monocoque, bodywork, and engine cradle While the price and the material used are seemingly stratospheric for the average car buyer, the thought of building plastic-intensive vehicles in high volume is not as far-fetched as at first it might seem However, the industry has had that dream before

A Force For Good (Handling)

Prodrive's ATD system distributes torque around the vehicle for greater stability and control no matter the driveline layout

Toward The Plug-and-Play Car

AUTOSAR promises to give automotive electronics what it currently lacks–a plug-and-play environment where software modules work together seamlessly Ultimately, its ability to redistribute computing power may destroy plug-and-play itself

If Only Drivers Were as Attentive as Sensor Automation

The ever-moving intersection of needs and technologies has greatly increased the number of sensors in today's cars here are some of the latest sensor systems in cars today and in development for the future

A Beautiful Design: FreemanThomas' Design Perception

Affable, imaginative, and, yes, even visionary, Freeman Thomas has taken a new job, as he's now at Ford Here's what he's done, and what he'll be up to

Hyundai: Giving Them Something To Talk About

This is a sedan with a focus on the American market This is a sedan that ought to make plenty of people sit up and take notice—and we don't just mean people who are in the market for a new car

The Once and Future King: BMW's 3 Series

Just when the competition thought they had it in their sights, BMW raises the sports sedan bar with its 5th Generation 3 Series

The Power of Focus

Concentration of effort and resources can have positive consequences on the performance of a business