How Not To Blow Your Top

Your boss criticizes you unjustly.

Marginal: On Protoplasmic Inertia

A friend of mine is exceedingly good at what he does for a living.

Five Myths of Telematics

Telematics has long been touted as the next big blockbuster for the auto industry.

Shake Your Money Makers

Ford's full-size "Panther" platform–a body-on-frame design that dates back to the first Bush administration–undergirds the Ford Crown Victoria, Mercury Grand Marquis, and Lincoln Town Car.

Less Weight, More Quiet

Customers want quieter vehicles. They also want cars and trucks that have better fuel economy. Until now, the two goals were mutually exclusive because making a vehicle quieter meant adding more layers of heavy insulating materials.

Respect Your Elders

When I was a lad, I was taught to be respectful of my elders. No calling the neighbors by their first names for me. The same was true of the teachers at school; except for the nuns whom I often called "Stir," a diminutive of the word "Sister."


Designing Ford's Future with Passion

His design work at VW/Audi put J Mays on the map. Now he's working to put Ford design on track.

SIMPLICITY Works at Oshawa

When you have nearly 10,000 people producing and engineering cars and trucks all pulling in the same direction, then impressive things can happen—and they are happening at GM of Canada's impressive complex outside of Toronto.


Nissan's Smyrna, Tennessee, plant has been a lynchpin in the automaker's return from a near-death experience. It has reduced costs, improved quality and is turning out popular products. Its next challenge is to launch the all-new Maxima and teach the new plant in Canton, Mississippi, its productive ways.

Inner Space

Moving Lincoln from a second-string has been to a premium luxury brand won't be easy, but the division's chief designer, Gerry McGovern, has a strategy to do just that while redefining the term "American Luxury."

The H2 Moving Beyond Limits- Organizational & Otherwise

In ZERO SPACE: MOVING BEYOND ORGANIZATIONAL LIMITS, Frank Lekanne Deprez and René Tissen write, "The speed of innovation, shortened product cycles, complexity of offerings required by an increasingly demanding consumer—all mean that organizations must be ‘all brains and no body.' Nonbrain weight should be kept to an absolute minimum, all such processes outsourced or eliminated entirely.

ERP: Complexities, Ironies, and Advances

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is still what it is: your back-office automation system for managing the vast majority of business transactions in your enterprise. But now ERP is stepping out in multiple directions.

The View from the Top

All-glass roofs, extra cargo capacity, and multi-functionality in a single vehicle is moving from the auto show floor to the show room. Webasto's welcome concept vehicle shows automakers how easy it is to add these features by lightly modifying their body structures and adding a module or three.