Better, Faster & SIMULATED

Not only does performing tests on digital models cut down on the need to make expensive physical models, but it also allows designers and engineers to have a better understanding of the effects of the modifications that they make. And that leads to insights that can help speed the entire process.

Here Comes Hypercar

Hypercar, Inc.’s Chairman Amory Lovins and President & CEO, Tom Crumm, spoke at our e-Business Essentials: Job1 conference in November, outlining their idea for the next generation vehicle—one that is extremely lightweight, has zero emissions, and can be built to order and shipped to consumers in a matter of weeks. It sounds like only so much auto industry buzz…but is that all it is?

Focused On Energy

Prior to joining Exide Technologies last year as its chief operating officer, Craig H.

Powertrain Performers

Here's a look at a company with its roots in racing and a fast-acting staff of 90 people that are able to transform powertrains into works of manufacturable engineering art when the pressure is on.

Sensing a Safer Future

Ford is undertaking efforts to improve the safety of the vehicles it produces—not only for drivers and passengers, but even for pedestrians. Although much of the work described here is still in the development phases and will undoubtedly undergo change before it makes it to production vehicles, one thing is certain: the amount of electronics in a vehicle will undoubtedly increase...

Better Decisions Made Better

Business intelligence tools excel in exposing the subtle business trends that require immediate attention, instead of just exposing the apparent business hemorrhages that any competent executive can see and repair.


Beyond Conceptual Issues

“We see it here every day, a young buyer moving out of a sport coupe and getting into a tricked-up little truck—or in this case a crossover vehicle.” The vehicle in question is a Chevy concept, the Borrego.

Examining Alternatives

 When Marcel van Schaik registered for the 21st Annual Automotive Aluminum Design & Fabrication Seminar this past fall, the person at the registration desk asked him, he recalls with some amusement, “And what should we put down as your title?

McLaren: Its Drive for the F1 Crown

By today's standards, it seems almost quaint to the point of absurdity that c the proprietor of a motor racing team, especially a Grand Prix one, might be prepared to roll up his sleeves and get his hands dirty.

An Outsider's Vue

I've got a real problem with Saturn's new cross-over SUV.