Energy Savings = Money Savings

Doing good for the environment can do really well for a manufacturer’s bottom line.

June 2017 - Gary S. Vasilash , Editor-in-Chief

Flexible, Accurate and Fast Measuring

Check fixtures have been around for a long, long time. And it may be time for you to get an up-to-date alternative.

June 2017 - Ray Chalmers , Contributing Editor

Standardizing Sustainable Manufacturing

A new ASTM standard aims to make it easier to evaluate the environmental aspects of manufacturing systems. It also sets the stage for more environmentally aware software.

June 2017 - Lawrence S. Gould , Contributing Editor

TLX Reset

For the 2018 model, Acura designers and engineers made changes to the sport sedan that go beyond a typical refresh. Here’s why and how.

June 2017 - Gary S. Vasilash , Editor-in-Chief