Better Inspection Software Improves Quality Management

3D metrology software can leverage the capabilities of measuring equipment in a myriad of ways.

September 2016 - Lawrence S. Gould, Contributing Editor

Creating Quality for Leather Interiors

Although more and more OEMs have leather trim packages for vehicles at all levels, you might be surprised to learn about how some of that material is processed.

September 2016 - Gary S. Vasilash, Editor-in-Chief

Cutting Weight and Costs with Laser Welding

Speed, accuracy and productivity are all features of a new laser welding machine that has plenty of auto applications.

September 2016 - Ray Chalmers, Contributing Editor

Developing the 2016 Mazda CX-9

Mazda reckons that about 80 percent of its midsize three-row crossover will be sold in North America. So the development was executed in the U.S. by a group of people who are committed to real-world driving, not the stuff of window stickers and brochures.

September 2016 - Gary S. Vasilash, Editor-in-Chief

On the 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid

For model year 2014 Honda came out with a two-motor hybrid system for the Accord. For model year 2017 Honda went back at the system and provided improvements to what was already a segment-leading system.

September 2016 - Gary S. Vasilash, Editor-in-Chief

The EV Future

Battery electric vehicles may be coming to a suburban driveway near you sooner than you might think—especially if your neighbors buy premium cars.

September 2016 - Christopher A. Sawyer, Contributing Editor